Task 5:

35 km exit start cylinder centered to the southwest of Forbes airfield. About 10 km from the airfield to the edge of the cylinder. 114 km from the edge of the start cylinder to Cumnock to the northeast (downwind). Then cross wind 21 km to the north northwest to Yeoval. Then upwind 45 km over a small range to Tomingley. Then south 18 km cross wind to the grass airfield just east of Peak Hill next to the golf course. A very tough task if the wind is strong.

Task 4 change

Task changed to four tart gates at 20 minutes each.

Task 4 description:

A thirty five kilometer start cylinder centered around a point about twenty five kilometers to the northwest of the Forbes airfield. The first leg is south east (with a west northwest cross wind) to Tyagon, 65 kilometers from the edge of the start cylinder, then a 104 kilometer quartering tail wind leg to a grass strip near Blaney following the highway. The ground rises from 700+ feet to 2,800+ feet.

Three start gates half an hour apart: 2:40, 3:10, 3:40. Yesterday pilots taking the 3:00 PM clock easily caught the pilots taking the 2:40 clock. An hour and forty minutes to get everyone off with launch starting at 1 PM. Should be sufficient time for pilots to get to the edge of the start cylinder also.

83 kilometers from goal pilots encounter airspace restrictions (red line above), Class E airspace, and must stay below 8,500'. Penalty is zero for the day with a warning for the first time that you enter at less than 100 m above 8,500'. There is a strong inversion again today (no cu's), so pilots should be able to stay below 8,500' (barometric altitude)

Task 4 - 11 Jan 2013

203 km to goal

312416 10152453527900151 710098589 n

Task 3 - Wednesday, 10 Jan 2013

130.3 km Triangle

392975 10152450896575151 1205301406 n