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Wesley Hill, the scorekeeper, sends:


Forbes 2012 last day

Forbes 2012 pre-worlds hang gliding championships. Point of view from the ground crew. This was task 8 on 14 January. 100 pilots flew 80,000 km and 4000 hours over the 8 tasks. 1500 launches. (Video : by Bruce Wynne)


This years Forbes Flatlands was a huge success.  Hundreds of kilometers flown, many happy pilots, no accidents and just heaps of fun all around!  A big congratulations goes out to Rohan Holkamp in first place, Atilla Bertok in second and Scott Barrett in third and thanks to all who made it over from far and wide.





task committee


Spectacularly entertaining goal finishes today!  It was a very difficult task with a headwind first leg.  Surprisingly, many got past that fairly easily despite quite a lot of high cloud cover.  After the second turnpoint though, the day started turning off and it was just a matter of getting everything possible out of each last weak climb.  Curt, Atilla and Gerolf were the first of 8 1/2 to get in with Gerolf kicking trees (almost literally) on his final glide, coming in full VG, fully zipped all the way to the ground, sliding across the goal line on his belly until the basebar finally caught and the nose went over slapping him on the back of the neck.  

Here's Gerolf heading across the line...you can see the white goal line in the grass (with Dave running out to pick up the broken glider/human parts - he'll have a video report tomorrow!)

gerolf goal1

curt and atilla1

Eight in to goal in the end, with Scott making the goal field, but not the line.  He was probably no more than 10 meters short.  Driving from goal toward the last turnpoint, the road was litered with gliders all coming up short - 1.5 km at the closest.