Task 9:

Pilots were complaining about the tasks being too short so the task advisory committee increased the length and to give us enough daylight and time to get everyone off we moved to an earlier launch time at noon. Thirty kilometer start cylinder centered to our south. Twenty five minute intervals (Zac said that he was able to make it to the first gaggle of the pilots on the previous start time in one glide when intervals were twenty minutes). First start at 1:50 PM.

With a forecast for lighter west winds we are coming back to Forbes. Great excitement from the spectators yesterday.

Half way through Task 8



They have made the first turnpoint and Jonny and the Italian are doing well.  Jamie is also doing well just before the first turnpoint.  I assume that it was essentially a race start at 2:15 PM as the interval is a half hour (to reduce the primping).

I think that the fastest pilots will average 45 km/h and make goal (if the winds stay light) at about 6:15 PM.  Goal is at the airfield.  It is a line finish today.  They've done 70 km in an hour and a half with a downwind leg and half of a cross wind leg.

If the last leg is hard with a wind (showing a 11 km/h WSW wind at the moment) then they won't make it back in time as the lift decreases after 5 PM.

Task 8 - 15 Jan 2013

‎184 km triangle from the edge of the entry start cylinder. Three start times 1:45 after the launch opens, half hour apart (a race task with two later start times for those getting a slower start).

Light winds (ENE) getting even lighter as the day goes on. 6,000' top of lift getting to 9,000' at 7 PM. Good strong lift to at least 5 PM and then weaker, but still there until 7 PM. No cu's called for but there may be a few (predicted to our north at the moment).

A rest day task with everyone back at Forbes. Line finish (200 meters each side).

Task 8 - 15 Jan 2013

Task 7 - Monday, 14 Jan 

Down wind (12 -14 knots) to a goal 249 km to the northwest. First start time: 2:30 PM

task 7 - 14 Jan

Task 6 - Sunday, 13 January 2013

210 km dogleg task. 82 km first leg from the edge of the 30 km start cylinder. Turnpoint at Tomingley. 128 km second leg to goal at Gulgong. Winds south at Forbes west southwest along the last leg. Three hour return trip by car.

Air space restriction to 12,500' along the last leg. No hot restricted area near goal. Pilots allowed to fly through Parkes CTAF with official on the radios.

task 6 - 13 Jan