Another one from our man on the scene Dave.


Another great call by the task committee.  Probably close to 40 in goal today and many others quite close.  Atilla smoked in again, with Wolfi Siess from Austria in a close second.  French Jean rounded out the top three.  

The high wind made for pretty rough conditions both on and off tow, pilots seemed to get on well enough though.  Most everyone I spoke with at goal had a story about the strong thermals or rough air.  Of course, they all still had smiles!

Rest Day

While most of us were having a rest day, our man Dave was at it yet again.  Here's his latest work from goal yesterday.

Dave is at it again!

Day 3 - Classic Forbes

Somewhere close to half the field made goal on Today's 185km task!  Noma wins the prize for best goal landing, coming in downhill toward a giant dead log and flaring beautifully about a foot short of it.

There's talk that Jonny may win the day, even after checking himself out of the hospital only 15 minutes before launch opened.  Atilla was first in all on his own, but having taken the start at 2pm.  Jonny started much closer to the end just before 3pm.  Once again, the standings are likely to change up after today's scores come in.  

class forbes