Well the weather didn't hold us back nearly as much as we feared earlier in the day.  The task committee picked a good one that, for the most part, kept courseline out of the overdevelopment.  But, in the end no one made it to goal.  

It was a tough fight all the way with many landing near the first turnpoint, including (reportedly) Gerolf and Atilla.  Jonny, Curt and Italian Eduardo lead the way for the most part and eeked out as many kilometers as possible.  Curt and Eduardo managed to get within 10km of goal, with Primoz just short of them and Jonny down at 16km short.  

The storm we watched blow up to the east didn't encroach on the course at all.  But, instead another cell exploded from the opposite direction and forced Vix to stop the task at 17:50.  

lonely goal

Task 1

They're all off on course now for the first task.  There is a bit of overdevelopment near the second turnpoint, but we're keeping our fingers crossed.  Best guess is that the very fastest guys (or gals) will be in no earlier than 4pm if all goes well.  


on tow


We got the party started in Forbes last night with a BBQ hosted by Moyes.  The whole Moyes gang cooked all day for us and we feasted over entertainment provided by the vintage t-shirt contestants.  So many great contenders, but Lukas Bader won in the end (wearing his trademark shorts) thanks to the all girl judging panel.

Lukas was mobbed by screaming girls, so we weren't able to get a shot of the winning shirt.



df tee

forbes 94



The weather wasn't as nice to us as it has been for the past week or so.  Although there was a chance for over development (which never came about), they set a 121km dogleg practice task over to Cumnoc.  There was quite a lot of high cloudiness shading things early in the afternoon.  I'm hearing rumors the very few made the first turnpoint (40km out from the field).  This evening the sun is out and the clouds seem to have dried up for the most part.  We'll see what tomorrow brings us for the first official task.

practice sky


It's all underway here at Forbes.  Registration day had everyone busy uploading waypoints, getting gear together and just hanging out at our new HQ at the Forbes Bowling Club.  This place is great - out next to the lake with a huge deck and heaps of space for 100 pilots and all of the crew.  We've got wifi and a great big bar to keep everyone hydrated and ready to take on the heat!hats