Blaino or John Blain


I don’t have a profile,Im 62 kgs and don’t cast a shadow, Bill said this is good as I climb better and don’t use much fuel, one time he said I was making fuel.  I am 63 going on 20.

35 years hang gliding 10 of which aerotowing and have towed around 1800 people. 40 years years of skydiving, 20 years ultralighting.

I don’t know where I’m going but sure as hell know where I’ve been, you can tell by the mirrors all over my tug.

I repair aircraft for a living or fix broken things,not much luck with my mind though I have a habit of drinking beer,I play the guitar and sing a song but some people don’t call it that,the only way I can drag chicks is to tow them.

If wanted I have a talk I can do sometime at Forbes It’s called myth busting, It’s about aerotowing, wind, principles of flight, and safety or maybe just entertainment See you there.