Steve McCarthy

Hi I'm Steve McCarthy known since a kid as the "mad flyer". I still don't know if that is mad insane or mad keen? Maybe a bit of both.

Although I was building flying models before I started school my first real flight was at low level up a hill through a lot of scrub being lifted and dragged by a very large box kite that I had built out of spruce and doped parachute nylon. I had a long nylon rope tied to my belt and was very lucky the kite lodged in a Norfolk Pine at the top of the hill. Since this time I have gone on to fly Hang gliders, Trikes, Gyro's, Sailplanes, helicopters, dozens of ultralights and single engine aircraft. I have built several aircraft and currently have a collection of models, hang gliders floppy and rigid, ultralights and my work horse a Storch Mustering aircraft.

I am a current member of Stanwell Hang Gliding Club and President of the Dusty Demons Hang Gliding Club. I enjoy flying anything, anytime.

Throughout the year I assist in the running of Safety and Towing Clinics and take my towing very seriously. Whenever I'm at the controls of the Dragon Fly Tug I am focused entirely on getting the hang glider safely to height and hopefully a thermal. I get great enjoyment from seeing other hang glider pilots having a great day. Club tows are the best. Great bunch of guys to tow and retrieve, one day away with them is like a weeks vacation. Anyone who has a good tow behind me has the Dusty Demons to thank for all the towing practise they give me throughout the year. I also have an email list that is sent out for general free flyers to come and join us for some towing at Gulgong, Rylstone or best of all Forbes where my personal best was putting eighteen hang gliders in one thermal.

This Flat Lands will be my 5th as a tug master. It's only after years of flying all types and towing at both ends of the line and by many different tow methods that you realise just how good it is to tow behind a well piloted Moyes Dragon Fly.

Can't wait for this years Flat Lands and more time at both ends of the tow line,