Forbes Flatlands 2024

forbes clouds

We are once again hosting the Forbes Flatlands Hang Gliding Championships 2024.

This will be our 19th championships!

The 9 day event is scheduled for later in January 2024.

  • Practice day: Monday 15th January 2024
  • 1st Comp day: Tuesday 16th January 2024
  • Last Comp day: Tuesday 23rd January 2024

Towing will be from the "Bill's" paddock north of the Forbes airport. Fondly names BMIA or Bill Moyes International Airport

Our headquarters will be based at the Forbes Aeroclub as has been done the last few years. Having the HQ near to Bill’s paddock allows us to have a later briefing.

That way all the pilots come out to the Forbes Aeroclub ready to fly!

Registrations have already started rolling in and it’s exciting to see that we will be welcoming International pilots once again to Forbes. We will have 3 World Champions competing this year, the current Women’s World Champion, Alexandra Serebrennikova coming from Austria, a previous Women’s World Champion Francoise Dieuzeide-Banet coming from France and Attila Bertok, 2007 World Champion! We are expecting 30-40 pilots from 12 different countries including Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, UK, and the USA Together with their teams and our crew we will tally approximately 80 visitors to Forbes for the 9 day event.

Pilots are attracted to Forbes as the area highlights the most important features of a successful hang gliding competition:

  1. Maximum number of flyable days
  2. Racing conditions with consistent and strong lift
  3. Readily land able terrain making for easy retrieves

With the recent rains in the Forbes area, we are looking forward to some strong but smooth lift. The open flatlands allow for stress free flying no matter how low one gets when trying to snag that illusive thermal. Forbes provides the safest conditions for pilots with wide open lift areas allowing pilots to spread out. Without the problems of unfamiliar wind altering obstacles.

The summer in Forbes provides cloud base with varying heights between 2000 – 3000 m agl with the best days reaching 4000 m agl!

The Aeroclub and launch arena is well situated only 8 kms to the Forbes town making for pilot comfort. We are grateful for the strong backing from the Forbes Council, local businesses and townspeople.

We look forward to hosting another successful competition providing fun, challenging tasks for all competitors in order to select a new Forbes Champion in both Sport and Open Classes.