Hang Gliding Pre-Worlds Forbes 2012 - What it takes to win!

The Sydney Hang Gliding Club has been hosting hang gliding competitions at Forbes for the past 5 years consecutively. Earlier this year we won bid to host the World Hang Gliding Championships in January 2013.

So, what's involved in a hang gliding competition?

A big competition generally lasts 7 to 12 days. Every day a different task is set. This will depend on what direction the wind is blowing, the strength of the wind, chance of rain and the height of cloudbase. Last year every task was over 100km. The course involves flying from point A to point B (goal) with several checkpoints in between. Each pilot has a GPS which tells where each point is. They stay in the air by finding thermals in the air (thermals are rising columns of air triggered by the sun heating the ground). The pilot who makes it to the final checkpoint in the fastest time scores maximum points and is declared the day winner. The pilot with the most points at the end of the competition wins!

Sometimes pilots do not make it to goal and have to get some help to get out of a tricky spot!

unusual retrive

In the event of a non-flyable day most pilots take the chance to explore the area around Forbes or take it easy by the pool!

taking it easy by the pool

The Forbes competition is a big event in the hang gliding calendar, and to win is a big honour as most of the top pilots in the world attend. Last year, Australia's own Jonny Durand took the title! [image of jonny raising trophy]

What does it take to win?

It takes a lot of good judgement, skills at spotting thermal triggers and climbing well in thermals once you have found them! A pilot also needs to be 'flying fit' both mentally and physically because they sometimes have to stay in the air 8 hours at a time. To keep energy and focus levels up they bring water and snacks on board during their flight.

What does it take to win?

Drivers wanted

Hang gliders always need drivers to follow them as they are flying in the car and bring them back to Forbes after a days' flying.

Who qualifies? Anyone with a driver's license who wants to join in the fun and excitement of the competition and get paid for it!

What's involved? The drivers will be needed for the whole 10 days of competition. The pay varies but is generally around $100 a day (even if there is no flying you will still get paid for that day). Normally the pilots will supply the retrieve vehicle and the radios. All the driver has to go is make sure to follow the pilots as they fly to goal and reach them in a timely fashion. It's a great way of seeing the action first hand and getting to know pilots from all around the world.

Use of radio and gps would be useful but the team will teach them that anyway.

Houses still needed

We are still looking for accommodation for pilots and their crew during the competition from 1st to 14th of January (and possibly a week before). We can also do 'house swaps' which involved swapping your home with a pilots home in another part of Australia.

It's a perfect opportunity to escape the heat of Forbes and get paid for it!

For any accommodation inquiries please contact Grace Cain at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or for any driver or other Forbes hang gliding inquiries please contact Vicki Cain at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Moyes Delta Gliders on 02 9316 4644.